Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Things to Remember

As I said, I'm hoping to get back more to working on taking note of the small stuff.  The little things
that one day will be big things I'll be happy to have mentioned for remembering.  This may be long and boring for some, but as it's important to me and my family... well... here it is!

 Lila: 6 1/2 years
She is busy and creative... always seeking new information.  She loves to make projects and pictures and writes letters to everyone.  She is constantly covered in marker and sticky stuff.  She is still our messy girl and we are working on reminding her to wipe her face and hands off!  She is doing very well in school and has had great comments at both of her conferences so far. She reads well above her grade level and is asking us to start buying her chapter books, as she is getting bored with the ones she has (and she has a million).  At school she goes to the library each Thursday, and has recently been bringing home mostly non-fiction books, usually about super girly stuff like snakes, crocodiles, and various subjects along those lines ;) Got a bow for Christmas, and now that the weather is nice, she loves to go out and shoot! She is enrolled in dance, but isn't a huge fan.  She likes to look nice, but has an "unusual" sense of style and often looks a little bedraggled and mismatched! She does love her "brown boots" though, and looks pretty snazzy when she wears them! Still very emotional and cries easily, but that's getting better.  She LOVES being outside, and now that the weather is warming up, she is thrilled to be back out riding her bike and her scooter!  Sleeps with her blanket and the stuffed puppy she's had since she was a baby.  That's only recently become a favorite of hers.  She is still our "sturdy" girl and is solid in every way, but she is slimming out and looking more and more grown up every day.  Her top front tooth has been loose for months and I think we're just on the verge of losing it.. that gappy-tooth smile is such a game changer in their appearance. She has quite the crush on one of the neighbor boys (5th grade, much older boy, as it happens, sheesh) and gets all giggly and goofy when he's around! Has lots of friends at school and her teacher, Mrs Moorse, says the other kids like to be around her.  Oh, and she sends me selfies and text messages when I'm at work, and it melts my heart!!!

Elaina: 4 (almost 5)
Sassy and hilarious. Still in love with her babies, but is now very into dressing up and doing her "makeup".  She will likely be our little fashionista, and gets quite distressed regarding her clothing if she feels that something doesn't looks right!  She is very proud that she can now put her own hair into a ponytail and, being her willful self, is reluctant to let us help her most days.   She loves watching music videos on her phone and just like daddy, will listen to her favorite songs on repeat for days on end!  We've just gotten through the Megan Trainor (All about that bass) and Taylor Swift (Shake it off) phase, and are now moving into Ariana Grande (Bang Bang) as a current fav.  She is quite the little dancer, although I'm not sure studio dance is quite her style.. haha.  She definitely has her own Ellie-variety of movement! ;) She is also doing exceptional in school and I'm told over and over how she is excelling at Montessori.  She reads and writes very well and most of the time is willing to let big sister "teach" her about the stuff learned in Kindergarten.  Elle is quite an instigator though, and is as stubborn as a mule.  She isn't often in a bad mood, but if she is, she'll make sure everyone knows it and is as miserable as she is! We struggle with her eating habits, but I think are making a little headway.  She still has "taggie" and sleeps with it every night.   Still a willowy slim girl, she has maxed out at 38lbs.  Huge personality in that tiny little package! She is very friendly and is adored at her Montessori by the other children and teachers alike.  She also loves to snuggle in the mornings... some things never change (and I'm not complaining about that one bit!)

Ryan and I: married 8 years

Ryan continues work at Toro and enjoys most of his time there.  His passion is fitness and he spends a lot of his spare time (which is sparse) seeking out new information and researching about lifting, nutrition, and all things related.  He is extremely dedicated and motivated in this regard and it shows in his physique!

I love my job as a labor nurse and am settling into my new hospital... (I've been there since July, but still feel "new") My emotions have been all over the map in the last few months, but I'm very hopeful that with the coming warm weather, and no major life changes on the horizon, that my internal chaos will also settle and be more at peace.  I'm loving the sunshine and warmer weather (as are most Minnesotans) and look forward to a summer of fun and time with my family!  My fitness goals have had multiple recent setbacks which is extremely frustrating for me, but I feel like I'm getting back on track and have a few goals I want to reach in the next few months!  Ryan is a great motivator, so I've got great support!

Trending current info:
Warmer weather than we've had in the last 2 years, but the random snow has thrown me off. 
Current favorite artists/music : Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud,  Hozier - Take me to church, John Legend, Kip Moore, Eric Church...
Shows: Still watch The Walking Dead, are into Dexter on netflix, love Big Bang Theory.

Last week we were in the 60's... Today, we had snow.  A lot of it.  Ugh.
This is how I felt about the snow...

This is how the girls felt about snow today...

This is going to be an exciting week for us, so I'll have plenty to post next time!  

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