Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Looking back

So, I've been a little emotional lately. Not that that's a huge change for me, but let's just say my roller coaster is a little higher/faster/crazier than usual! Haha.  
Anyway, I was recently looking back through the blog and peeked at the month of March, every year since I started it.  I once was so good at capturing all the little things.  The day to day stuff that made up our life.  And i'm SO happy I have it, because I can now look back and remember!  Little things that get lost and forgotten in the day to day chaos.  Now all my posts seem to be... "it's busy, here's a few photos... " 
I feel the need to put some more effort into paying attention to the little things.  Some day in the future, I will forget the funny things the girls say, or how they LOVE to sing and dance, or the creative ways they spell words... Cherishing the memories is worth the effort and it's time to put the effort back in!  

Because I feel like it, I went and collected a few photo favorites from each year in the month of March to share.  Like a 6 year story book! Enjoy!

Lila was just a chubby baby!

Awaiting baby #2

Elle had just started toddling around

Lila's first swimming lessons
* and this video is just too cute!! *

Sweet sisters



Loving all the boxes as we started to pack for our move

I'm so happy I have this place to look back at our life.  How our babies have grown and the joys and challenges we've shared over the years!  Thanks for sharing with us! 
Have a great day!

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