Thursday, March 27, 2014

The move (part 1)

Luck was with us!
We got the house!

We don't close on our wonderful new home until the end of May,
and are currently residing with my (wonderful, obliging, caring, magnificent)
in-laws for an 8 week period, but we got it!

The inspection went great and we are So So excited for this new chapter!
Can't wait to show everyone the new place once we're in and settled!

That said... yesterday I drove away from the house I've called home for nearly 8
years for the last time.  It was insanely bittersweet and I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend a 
few minutes sobbing on Ryan's shoulder in the empty shell of our house.

We were married while living in that home, brought our babies home there, 
essentially turned a single floor house into a beautiful, fully finished home!
There a million memories there; happy, fun, emotional... I've truly "grown-up"
in that house and will take all those moments with me.  

Bear with me as I work through this with some photos.
From moving in, to moving out.
Where we started - 2006

Fall 2013

painting that damn big wall

We have to say Thank You to so many people for helping us with this process...
Mom and Alan, you two have been wonderful! Dad, Anderson's, Bjorn, Cory...
thank you all so so much!
 ~Apparently figuring out where we're heading!?  ;)
 ~Ready to go (at least 1 of the 3 loads)
Thank you Cory for again letting us use the truck and trailer (and storage)... you're a lifesaver!
~Making the final sweep and saying goodbye
last photo in our first home
just moved in... Summer 2006

moving out- Spring 2014
Driving away
Looking forward to the next chapter and taking all the warm feelings from this home with me.

And here's a quick peek of our current residence and what's to come....
the doors to the girls "room"!  (Thank you Barb!)
the new routine

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