Monday, March 10, 2014

Sicky sicky

Last Wednesday evening was just like every other Wednesday evening.
I came home and the girls had been treated to Subway for dinner.  I unloaded the
bags of stuff from the car and we went about our night.

Lila was a little whiney (nothing new to us) and had a few vague occasional complaints
before bedtime of her tummy aching. But she went to bed without any issue and Ryan
and I enjoyed our 30 minutes of quiet time on the couch.  

As we got off the couch and were just about ready to crash for the night we heard the
"Mommy--lskdfalknvliyybaaaaa" (that was vomit noise, in case you were wondering)
Every parent knows the noise.  Every parent fears the noise. 
I rush into Lila's room to her throwing up in bed.

And so it began... sheet changing, bathing, getting the bowl... etc etc etc.
My poor girl began a cycle of vomiting almost every 20-30 minutes from 10pm on 
Wednesday until 3pm on Thursday.  Neither of us slept more than 5 minutes and when 
Ryan finally took over on Thursday night, I had been up with her for 40 hours. 
The vomiting continued into Saturday morning.  She was so miserable and Ryan and 
I were honestly scared.  I was so close to taking her in to Childrens.  
I didn't want to be the freaked out mom who rushes her first born to the ER because 
of the stomach flu.  The nurse in me told me to stay calm, be patient, and remember that kids are resilient.  

Fortunately, she has finally come out of it.  This morning she actually ASKED for a 
bit of food, and had her usual bounce in her step.  I called preschool today and they 
said she was her normal cheery self, just eating smaller amounts than usual.

We'll get there.  Another night of rest.  A few more back rubs and snuggles from mama.

She finally feels better and the whole family is feeling blessed that none of the rest of us got it!

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