Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting Lucky and hoping for more (luck)

This past weekend Ryan and I had a pretty eventful weekend!
On Friday we met his sister and niece and spent the night at The Depot Renissance Hotel 
in Minneapolis.  It was the first stay in a hotel for our girls and they thought it was pretty
awesome!  The Depot has a fun watermark the girls loved to play in and they were all
worn out by the end of the night!

The next morning Kris, Ryan, and I got our Green gear on and got ready to Get Lucky!
We participated in the Team Ortho "Get Lucky 7K"!  
It was "brisk" that morning and it was very handy to be able to just walk out the door
of the hotel to the start of the race!

I rather enjoyed myself and felt fantastic at the end!  Ryan wasn't quite as happy, but I
was thrilled that he ran with me!  Thanks babe!
It was a beautiful course and so fun to see everyone decked out in green from head to toe!
12,000 people ran the 7k and another 8,000 crazy people participated in the half marathon 
in St. Paul (Ryan's other sister Kim was one of them)!  
So much fun!

I clearly was excited... please disregard my obnoxious expression

Us and our (very cold) good luck charms!

Yes I am!

That night, my parents took our babies home with them and we met up with friends for 
a night out!  Always a fun time!

On Sunday we decided to take a look at a house that peaked our interest a little bit and 
we figured it wouldn't hurt to walk through their open house.... 
Well, tonight we sit and wait for word on the offer we put in today!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us and lets hope the luck of the Irish is on our side!

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