Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New stuff

Whoa.  What a crazy couple of weeks!
And I know it won't calm down anytime soon.

We started moving last weekend, a whole trailer load of stuff packed up and
shipped to storage at my dads until a time, still yet to be determined.
This weekend will be spent packing everything but the non-essentials, and in 2
weeks time, we will leave our house for the last time. 

(I'm not going to cry.... I'm not going to cry....)


Anyway.  Here's a short smattering of recent photos of our crazy life.

~Lila being her typical Sassafras, Cute self

~The girls, just loving being sisters!

~Trying to find the beauty in this winter.  The winter that won't die.  Ugh.

~Really wishing for this (It's our family in the pool, as illustrated by Lila)

~My beautiful morning wake up!

~How are they old enough to do this?  (sniff sniff)

~Needing some coffee to get me through all this.  (The girls are just having a grand time with all the boxes!!!)

~Moving commenced.  With much thanks to a good friend, we hauled a GIANT load out of the house.
This was FULL 

Hi baby! :) 
Load #1 DONE.

~Oh... and we got to take Boone to the vet.  And to the tune of $363, it's a darn good thing we love him!

Wish us luck as we continue on our moving endeavor!!!

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