Thursday, March 12, 2015


 So, I pretty much haven't picked up my Big girl camera in a month.  I don't know what my deal is... but I just don't have much urge lately.
Maybe the warmer weather will bring some motivation with it?!  But for now... a phone sample of end of Feb and into March!!

~Lila celebrated her 100th day of school!  She was very proud!~

~I went out to dinner with a pretty great group of ladies!! ~

 ~Unfortunatly, the next day I woke up with some sort of stomach bug that managed to hang on for a full 5 days!  UGH... I barely ate, could hardly move without losing my breath, and pretty much spent a week in misery feeling sorry for myself~ 

I had to call in sick to work, 3 days in a row... that pretty much sucks

 ~This is just what I told myself ;) ~

~And I wish that was the end of it, but low and behold, both the girls got the pukes too... thankfully, shorter lived than mine, but pukey nonetheless ~

~When I finally started feeling better, this is what I craved.  Because Bacon. ~

~Chocolate is smart~

~Lila is excelling with her reading... she looked so pretty sitting in her chair reading~

~I love finding pretty pictures when I come home from work in the mornings!~

~My mom took Ellie for her "Grandma day" and she got a pretty pedicure.  The day didn't go super smooth, as she got sick. But her nails still look beautiful!  Ryan and I took Lila for Rita's at her request, and she loved her Pink Lemonade Ice! ~

~We also got to hit up a Wild game courtesy of one of our dear friends!  They lost, and
just before the game, I managed to sit in some nasty gum and Ryan had to work to get it off my butt, 
however, the weather was gorgeous, we were with friends, and it was still a lot of fun!!~

~And lastly, I'm hoping that now that I'm healthy, I can keep going with my Fitness goals.  Setbacks are so frustrating, but I'm back on track now!  Hit a PR yesterday and it felt amazing!
That's 210 baby!!!
Lila took a spill off her bike and came home crying, so I wiped my hands off to take her in and clean
her up... through her tears she pointed out that I had this lovely mark on my butt and thought is was hilarious!
Spring Slim Down
~And then there's this guy.... such a slacker ;)

And hopefully some photo inspiration!

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