Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!!

The past year was crazy.

So much stress, I felt like at times I might crumble...
Lots of good things changed and happened in our world, 
but it was SO MUCH!

January kicked off with a horrible bought of Influenza for
both Ryan and I, that progressed into the never ending 
Pnumonia from hell for me.
In February we put our house on the market, and unexpectedly sold it
in 2 days.  In March we made our first move... out of our home and into
Ryan's parents where we lived for the next 10 weeks.  In that time we were
participants in Ryan's best friends wedding, as well as my Sisters wedding
and all the events and activities that go along with that.  
We made our second move the first weekend of June into our new home and
have yet to completely settle in.
I started a new job in the middle of July, Lila started Kindergarten in the fall.
We have had 3 birthdays, an anniversary, and 3 holidays since the last week in
September.... it's just been A LOT!

I worked last night, so I rang in the new year with my new coworkers and some
brand new little humans!
Tonight we had a lovely dinner with my parents, my girls are now in bed and Ryan
and I are settling our over stuffed bellies onto the couch to watch a cheesy New
Years Eve movie and perhaps have a glass of champagne!

2015 I look forward to a year of more stability and am anxious to move forward!

Happy New Year!

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