Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Christmas Post - a few weeks late

Better late than never?

I'm not even gonna bother with excuses... 
doesn't matter.

Weird year, weird Christmas
Come and gone and I've never been so happy to see January
(bitter cold and all!)

My girls loved Christmas (as all children should)
Were entirely too spoiled and loved by friends and family
and thoroughly enjoyed their 2 weeks off of school.
(gave true meaning to the lyric of that song....
"and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!...")

We celebrated 6 times and honestly,  I was pretty "over it" by the end.

My babies had fun though, and created some fun memories, 
and that's really what its all about!

Here is a smattering of the holiday craze!

~To kick off the start of things, Elaina decided to get herself an influenza virus...
maybe not her best move...

She was truly miserable and the darn thing hung on a long time.... 2 weeks before that cough finally went away for good. :( 

~ We spent Christmas Eve day with my Mom, Alan, sister and Tony... relaxed and calm, it was nice, although quick as we had to split off and head to church.

~Christmas Eve was spent at church, then home to open a few gifts, set out cookies and milk and sprinkle the reindeer food in the yard, then time for Sugarplums to dance in our heads and await Santa.~

~Christmas morning was quiet and relaxing!  Lila spent most of the night sending texts to our family members from her new iPod... thank you Dad and Alex for being patient with the 2am photos of our tree! haha!  (Little stinker was up taking photos of the tree and sending them to family in the wee early hours)

 The day was so quiet and calm, and we had a few visitors later that evening!

~I worked Friday night, then we head out first thing Saturday morning to take the girls tubing at Trollhaugen.  It was something we had promised we would do with them, and it was probably the highlight of break for them!~

Hi baby!
Our friends joined us for tubing fun!
 ~Then we crashed at our friends cabin and they showered our little rugrats with gifts (totally unnecessary)!!!~

~The following day we made the short trip over to see my dad and that side of the family... good food, good company, so nice to see everyone!~
I did a horrible job by this point of picking up my camera... hopefully my dad was able to capture a few shots!

~I worked New Years Eve, so I rang in the new year with some new little people and my co-workers. Not a horrible way to start the world... and we like to have fun, so you can't complain!

New Years Day I spent at home, snuggled with my loves, and was treated to a lovely dinner with my folks that evening.  
our belated New Years kiss

The next few days were also spent with family again... we saw Ryan's family and his extended family, and once again, I barely picked up my camera.  I do, however, know that we had a 
few cameras shooting that day, so I just need to get copies whenever they have them ready!

The girls and Great-Grandma Ginny

All the cousins checking out their new stuff!
Now... I'm going to resolve to be a little better at documenting again.  
We've had an interesting start to our new year, so i'll catch up here at some point.
I promise.
i hope....

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