Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Here.... Kindergarten for Lila!

It's day 3.
Her third day of school and I was already dismissed from walking her to the bus stop.
"Mom, I'm a big girl, you don't need to come with me"

uh... ok.

I'm going to lie and tell you that didn't make me want to cry.


Tuesday was a big day.  Up early. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  
Outfit all picked out, backpack ready, and pretty much just overloaded
with excitement!!!
We drove Ellie over to her school and although she's been there since March,
she was quite nervous to be going without her big sister.
A few tears and "i'm going to miss Lila"'s ensued, but the teachers there are
wonderful and all was well.

Then Lila and I drove home, took a few photos, and walked hand in hand down
to the bus stop.

Where she immediately let go of my hand, ran to her friend,
and pretty much pretended I wasn't there.  
The bus pulled up, and she was the second one on.  
No glance back.
No hugs, no waves.

Just off she went into her future without a look back. (yes, I'm being dramatic)

I, of course, just kept snapping photos and did a very good job of keeping my tears
in check.  (until the bus pulled away and I was walking back to the house)
Then it was pretty much a sob-fest for the next 20minutes.

Ryan came home early that day and he and I and Ellie stood at the bus stop, 
anxiously awaiting our big Kindergartner to step off the bus, full of smiles, and ready
to tell us all about her day! She would hug us and be happy and excited.

The only part of that that happened was that she got off the bus.

She was cranky, tired, and immediately handed Ryan her backpack and started walking
home without us.  
After a chocolate chip granola bar and a glass of milk, her mood seemed to improve, 
at which time, she then told us a little about school.  It sounds like she likes it and didn't
have any problems which of course made me happy.

Yesterday, she got off the bus quite Hangry (tired, angry, hungry) again and told me
I wasn't needed to stand there anymore.  She is able to walk home by herself because
she is a Big girl!  

I think from now on, I'm going to just place a snack and drink on the counter and hide
in my room for 20minutes when she gets home.  She can eat and chill on the couch, and 
only then will I venture in an attempt to talk to her! Haha!

Big kid.
How did this happen?

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