Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dancing, Galas, and New Trees, Oh My!

Kinda some fun stuff in the last week or two!
Had to share, and I'm super proud of myself for actually posting
something within reasonable time frame!  Go Me!

So, after dragging my feet for a long time, now that we are closer
to civilization, the girls finally pestered me enough to enroll them in 
dance class.  They asked for WEEKS before it started when they were
going to finally get to wear their outfits and new shoes!!

Last Tuesday was their very first day, and they couldn't have been more giddy!
I, unfortunatley had to work, so Daddy was the lucky guy to brave the gaggle of
little girls and women on their first day of dance class!!!  He was happy the girls
enjoyed it, but I think it's safe to say that unless I'm working... it will be my job
to take the girls to and from their classes! Haha!

On Friday, Ryan and I were invited to join our neighbors at a special event.  
The Be The Match Foundation hosted their annual gala and let me tell you... It was lovely!!
If you aren't familiar with this organization, check it out... really amazing! 
The gala itself was wonderful all around.  Great food, cool music, beautiful decor, and most importantly a great cause!  
That night alone raised $362,000 for the organization!!!
After, the four of us went and had cocktails, some interesting conversation, and a great time!  
It was so fun getting to know our neighbors better and I foresee plenty of good times ahead!  
Katie Liz and Bryan... You guys Rock! Thanks again for the invitation!!!

Our hosts for the evening!
Ryan was pretty excited to meet Motorcross Legend Jeremy McGrath.  His wife was the recipient of a marrow
donation, and met her donor for the first time that night!  Very humble and nice man!

Ryan was the lucky winner of a custom piece of jewelry that night... good thing he knows a girl ;)

Out for cocktails after the event!  So much Fun!!!
Saturday, we decided we needed to get a tree for our yard.  There is an open space where one was taken down before we moved in, and I liked the idea of putting one in the year we moved here.  Something that can grow with us!  We settled on a Norwegian Red Maple and the girls were very excited to help us pick out just the right one!
Sunday they "helped" Ryan plant it and made sure we took lots of photos!  
Finding just the right one!
Just a wee baby tree

Not really a pertinent photo... I just like to admire my hubby!
First photo with our new tree! :)

Now, nap time for mommy, as it's a work night tonight!

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