Monday, September 8, 2014

Completing the summer catch up... August

I should be napping.
I work tonight

But I slept like a boss last night, and now here I am
Wide awake.

So... lets finish wrapping up our summer.

In no particular order... Here is our August in a nutshell.

~The girls continued to love playing outside and in the water... it was a hot one, so the water was a favorite!~

~The little neighbor girl let Lila and Ellie help her with a lemonade stand... It was adorable!~
"mom... you have GOT to come check out our awesome lemonade stand!"

~My girls are cute. And funny.  And creative.  And weird.  But mostly cute.~

~We discovered we have hilarious and awesome neighbors.  And these hilarious awesome neighbors host hilarious and awesome annual parties.  This year was Neighborhood Olympics.  I'm not going to explain these photos... it was a good time, that's all you need to know~

Tell me he doesn't look great in heels!  ;)

~We did a few little projects.  A handprint plaque for the year we moved in.  And we (mostly Ryan) built a headboard that I've been wanting forever.  I don't have a photo of the finished project (at least not one I want to share, as my bedroom is a mess), but I'll get one up at some point.  Or not. Whatev.~

~The girls got signed up for dance and are SOOOO excited!~

~This punk turned 7~

~Lila is pretty... even when she's cranky and tired.  Or missing teeth.~

~She also likes to climb trees~

~And shop.~
~Lila and I had a special mommy/Lila day together to get her back-to-school stuff.  It was such a fun day, and I am constantly amazed at how grown up she is!~

~Ryan's oldest sister got married.  Congratulations Heather, Ted, and gang!!! Love you!~

~I participated in the Women Rock run and did a decent 10k.  Not quite as fast as I'd hoped, but I felt pretty good through the whole thing, so I'm happy with it!~
Ryan was there to cheer me on!  Thank you sweetie!
Getting ready to go
The starting line

And done!

~Have I mentioned I love my babies?  I did?  Oh, well I'm going to say it again... I love my babies!~

There.... I'm going to say, I'm officially caught up.  Now, time to rest before work tonight!  Have a great Monday!

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