Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer wrap up : 1

It's here.
The last weekend of the summer.

I'm very mixed on how I feel about this.
The summer was not the best for us in a few regards, but we had lots of change
and new starts, so those are always things to be grateful for.
I always love the fall, feel reenergized in the cooler air, but it is hard to let go of
swim suits, tan lines and long days of summer.

I've been horrible about keeping current with the blog and sometimes it doesn't bother me,
but other times, it's this nagging itch I can't get rid of.
When I look back here at years past, I am so grateful for what I've shared here.
It gives me a little push to continue, so that years from now, I can feel that same feeling.

Ok, so ...
because I am so far behind, I'm going to do traditional Ana-style and just load in some photos
and give a little blurp about them.  Because i've been so sparse in posting, this will go back to July
(please don't judge)

~ This photo really has no point, it's just a funny photo of the girls wearing socks on all their limbs.  I don't pretend to understand them all the time. ~

~ The girls found a little froggy friend ~

~ She can be kinda weird ~

~ Ryan and I had a date and spent the day touring Stillwater and then having sushi and relaxing at home... it was so wonderful!!~

~The girls built a rocket ship.  I know.  They're geniuses.~

~Boone is needy~

~The girls spent lots of time outside playing and enjoying the water ~

~I love my porch.  Sadly, I haven't spent nearly as much time out there as I would have liked.  Maybe when the cooler weather rolls around and it's not sticky and swampy every night.~

~This is what Lila thinks summer should look like.  I agree~

~I left a great co-worker and great team and started on a new adventure back in the hospital~
I miss you Deb
Woodwinds Health Campus
~Ryan and I went to his company party that left a lot to be desired.. but it was a reason to dress up a little and have a night out.~

~We have all continued our fitness endeavors and the girls are right along with us every step of the way ;) ~

My School-Year Resolution is to keep this updated more regularly.  Maybe I'll soon get the August edition of Summer Wrap Up done in the next few days.  We'll see.

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