Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Ok, this is going to be my fastest post in history.
I've got 9 minutes before the end of my shift, and if I can get 
a blessing of NO calls, I can get it done!

So..... without further adieu ...

The weekend was actually pretty great!  
A little mish-mash of everything, time with family and friends, time spent 
outside, a date, some grilling, sunshine, bike rides... all good things!

I'm going to throw up photos, and caption a few.
They do a better job of showing our time together than I could.

~The weekend started with some playtime outside.  Running around, finally enjoying the warm weather, and creating works of art on the driveway!!!  Ryan and I had a nice dinner out and caught a movie, and we actually got some decent sleep!~

~The next day it was off to visit some dear friends in Mankato!  We haven't seen them for far too long and it was such a great visit!  Next time, you guys can come to our place!  ~

~Monday was another day of enjoying the warm weather! 
We grilled out, got some plants potted, and got a great workout in!

All done after busting his ass

middle of a set
~A certain little girl also decided to try riding a bike without training wheels!  Not quite yet, but she's SO CLOSE!!!

My little birds in their nest!  ;)

 And of course... We Remembered.
For all those that serve, and have served, 
we thank you!!
taken by our very own Ellie!
NOW... I gotta get outta here.
Quick peek... much more to come later
First photo together in our NEW HOME!

Let the moving commence!

Girls enjoying their backyard!!!

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