Thursday, May 1, 2014

Elaina Grace ~ 4 Years Old

I know it's a bit delayed, but life gets busy, ya know?!

I wanted to share some photos of our special little girl on her very special day!
I was lucky enough to work just a half day, and we spent the rest of the day
taking photos (even with the crazy wind), and playing, and decorating cake, 
and having family over, and opening gifts, and eating cake...etc.!

My momentary baby nostalgia was short lived as I enjoyed watching my little
girl act every bit of her 4 years old!  She's a wise, and much older soul living in
that tiny little body!!  I cannot begin to tell you how much we love her.

Her hugs are something of legend, she can make any bad day better when she
wraps her whole body around you and grips you as tight as she can...  or when she
snuggles in your arms and pats your back, like she's soothing us :)  

My little bird... learning to fly

New outfit for her precious baby Lucy

Checking out Lucy's new outfit!

Make a wish sweet girl

Long and short... She's amazing! 
A true gift!

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