Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring program and a few other random things

I promise I'll get a post up about the move, but I'm still so overwhelmed
and I don't have any of that crap together yet.
Pretty much, I don't have anything of ANYTHING together yet.
What a chaotic mess... ugh.  

Last Wednesday, the girls school had a little Spring program 
which, of course was darling!!

They sang some songs, and Lila participated in a Bollywood dance!

I love that they know the whole song "What a wonderful World"
and do the whole thing in sign language!
I love that they are exposed to so many different cultures
I love their school!
I love them!

**I tried uploading a few videos, but for some reason, Blogger keeps giving me an Error message**

And here are a few random photos of the few quite snuggly moments we've had
in the midst of our craziness!

~I love these little ones!~

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