Friday, June 13, 2014


This week has been kinda messed up.
Honestly... my brain is a chaotic mess.
As my Dad would always tell me... "it's a good thing your head is
attached or you'd lose that too".

Each day I tell myself to get it together, focus, take one thing at a time.
Each day I manage to forget something. Or lots of things.

So, once again, I have left without my memory card with all the house
photos on it.  No new house pics to share 
(sorry Angie.... I know you've been asking!  Hurry up and get home
and come see it for yourself!)

Instead, I will share a few phone photos from the past week or so.
The girls have been loving their school and the new house!
We've met a few neighbors, and they've made a few new friends too!
We are slowly settling in and feeling less like I live in a warehouse.

Maybe someday I'll feel more organized and less forgetful. 
Like around October or something.

The hounds are settling back in with the family nicely!
This is my view most mornings... I think they missed me! :)
Me and my girls :)
I love the little art projects and drawings the girls bring home from school!
Speaking of school... it's was "Crazy Hair Day" this week

It was also "Face Painting Day"

As well as "stuffed animal Day"!!
We've made a little time for snuggling
and when they need more, they come sleep on the floor of our bedroom in the middle of the night!

Maybe next week will be better.
More organized and at least a smidge more settled.
Or not.  
And I guess thats ok.  I've got some pretty awesome people
helping me hang on to my sanity, so I'll count myself blessed!

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