Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

A belated but loving Father's Day wish to our girls wonderful Grandpa's who 
love them and dote on them so much!
Dad, Rich, Alan... you all have been so great to our family, I know how truly
blessed I am!
And to Lila and Elle's amazing Daddy, who I cannot thank enough for being with me
through the wildest ride of my entire life.   I can't imagine doing this with anyone else!
We love you so much!

Father's Day was spent in mostly relaxed fashion... (aside from the minor dog poop fiasco).
A breakfast of french toast, fresh coffee, and morning snuggles, then we had a great lunch with my Mom and Alan and enjoyed the unexpected nice weather that evening on the porch.

~How can you not love a daddy loving on his daughters ... or seeing them love on him?!~

~ The "beans" had lunch with Grandpa Alan~

Happy Father's Day to all those with that special title!!!

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