Friday, November 22, 2013

Working through it

So, it's been a weird couple of weeks.

I had surgery the day before Halloween.
Nothing major, and overall supposedly simple procedures.
But honestly... It was a little tougher than I was anticipating.

I thought I'd be back up and running in a week, maybe 2.
Well, Thanksgiving is next week and I'm still not 100%.
So, I'm behind.  And a little stressed.  And kinda grouchy.

Ryan is gone for the weekend hunting and I'm fighting that
feeling of wanting to be irritable and bitchy.  
I tried checking things off my To-Do list... 
glad it's done, but didn't improve my mood.
I tried taking a run... felt good (although cold), 
but my annoyance came back when I saw how slow my pace was.

I'm putting up Christmas decorations!

Yep!  If anything can perk me up, it's some holiday decor
(complete with a little Christmas music!)
The girls are having quiet time, so I can unpack and organize
my treasures and they can help me set them out when they wake up!

And I did find a photo while finishing a photo task this morning.
One that stuck in my mind and prompted me to think about a few things. 

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than
as you think it should be.

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