Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

This year, Halloween was pretty low key for our family.
We did some pumpkin carving on Monday night and the girls
got to pick out the faces they wanted for their jack-o-lanterns.

The girls were with my mom and Alan from Tuesday night to Thursday
while I was laid up with some medical stuff.  Ryan stayed home and took
care of me, then we drove over to my parents, got the girls dressed up,
and Daddy took them around the neighborhood near my mom's and
loaded up on all the goodies!
He said they were like pro's this year!
No coaxing needed (maybe a reminder to say "Thank you" now and again),
but overall, had this whole "Trick or Treat" thing down pat!

They made quite a haul and were excited to come back and show
me all the sugary and chocolaty treasures they had acquired!

Thank you Mom and Alan for helping out so much.
I'm so glad the girls were able to do some celebrating of the spooky day!

Our busy little bee, and "Izzy" the pirate (from Jake and the Neverland pirates)
They thought handing out candy was almost as much fun as getting it!
"hey mom.... can we go yet?"
The best close picture I have... she was WAY too distracted to pay attention to mom.

They had a great time... therefor, it was a successful Halloween!

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