Saturday, November 2, 2013


Through the last month, I've done a handful of photo shoots for a variety
of folks.  I've held off on posting them, as life got busy (as it always does)
and I was unable to take the time to figure out how to separate actual
photo sessions from our personal blog.  

So... sorry, but they are just going down in the regular blog roll.

Moving on...!

I met with this family on a very lovely day.  We were expecting lots
of wind and not so great weather, but were pleasantly surprised with 
how it turned out!

The youngsters weren't exactly up for pose n' shoot, but what little 
boys are?!  I got some classic expressions, and a little documentation
of how life really is!  It was so fun to spend some time with this
family.  Mitch, Amber... your family is lovely!  Thanks for making
the drive in and letting me capture a glimpse of your life!

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