Sunday, October 28, 2012

Attempt at a catch up...

I know my blogging has been a little slack lately, but I've been doing the full time 9-5 Monday through Friday thing for the past two weeks. 
Add that to the fact that Fall is the busiest time of the month for our family and well, it just doesn't leave a lot of spare time.

Moving on, I will attempt a brief catch up at the going-on's of my little family!

First off,  I started a new job in the middle of the month.  A great opportunity presented itself and although it's a little outside my comfort zone, it felt like a really good fit.  I snatched it up and now can say I have a job I'm happily settling into!!!  I am working as a phone triage nurse in an OB clinic and no longer am committed to holidays or weekends!!!  I work with some pretty great people, am Slowly getting the hang of the phone/computer systems, and have awesome hours.... feeling pretty great in this regard!   I will continue to work Per Diem at the hospital as a labor nurse, so I can still get my mama/baby fix as needed, and will also take over teaching their Birth classes in 2013!  
So that's me wrapped in a nutshell!  (thank you to everyone who has been inquiring and I'm so sorry I'm a putz at responding... I'm adjusting to my new time-managment schedule.  Thank you for being patient!)

Ryan has been busy at work and he's gearing up for some hunting weekends! Pheasant opener brought a nice suprise with decent weather and a bird down on the first day!  The girls thought it was pretty neat to see the "pretty bird" then get to eat it for dinner later! Ha!

Lila continues to enjoy preschool and is also very proud of the fact that now that she's 4, she no longer has to take naps!  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I really loved nap time.  Sniff sniff...
Elaina is naughty as usual, but quite the comedian! The fact that she's really funny and loves to snuggle usually makes up for the fact that she's a whirling dervish!  Usually.

As you can tell from my lack of photos, I haven't had my camera out much lately. When I have, it's been pointed at people besides my family. 
Yesterday, we made a quick day trip up to my Dad's and I did manage to snap a few.  I loved watching the girls run around a play outside, collecting acorns and sticks, and playing tag!  My sister and Tony came up as well, we went out to eat at a burger joint, and carved a few pumpkins! It was a nice day!

I have a photo shoot today I'm really looking forward to, and then it's back to work Monday.  This week however, it's only 3 days, so I get to spend some time on Tuesday and Wednesday with my babes!  So excited for Halloween with my little spooks!!  

And because I like these two photos, I'm going to throw em' in willy nilly!
Happy Sunday!
I love the slobbery running of a happy dog!

The girls LOVE riding the 4-wheeler with Daddy!

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