Saturday, November 3, 2012


Belated, but here it is... the Halloween post!

The whole day was lots of fun, starting with Lila wearing her costume to Preschool!
For this mama... it was so wonderful!  Seeing Lila and her little friends excited together, checking out each others costumes! So cute!

Then we head over to my mom's and spent the afternoon running around doing errands.
Ryan came over after work and we had dinner quick before gearing up to go candy snatching!

I think we had as much fun as the girls!
It was wonderful watching my two precious girls, so excited and lit up!
Elaina could hardly contain herself and Lila was acting like a typical big sister, telling Elle just how things were going to go! Ha!  We had to do a little reminding to actually SAY "Trick or Treat" , but they did pretty good with their "Thank You's!"  

Our little Minnie Mouse, and Rapunzel...  the most beautiful I've ever seen!
Also... just wanted to note, that both of the girls costumes were formerly dance costumes of my sister and I. It was pretty fun to be able to use things from my childhood for my own girls!

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