Monday, November 19, 2012

November odds and ends

Ryan was gone this past weekend.

It's hunting season you know.

The girls and I hung out, tackled some housework,
and put out a small chunk of our Christmas decorations.
The weather was phenomenal and overall, it wasn't too bad a weekend.
(not that I look forward to two more weekends of it, but whatever.)

I was working on some holiday gift projects and found a few picts
from this month and threw a few in from this weekend.
No rhyme or reason... just a smattering of this and that.

My dad's friend, Konny, made this for Lila.  So cute, right?!

Ellie likes to put Daddy's hair in ponytails... future stylist?

I love Boone

We like to sit on the table and do puzzles.  They actually worked on them together for almost 30 minutes~! It was the most quiet I had all weekend!

They had so much fun decorating Lila's little tree!  Don't worry, I bought E one too, we put that up tonight!

Konny made E's blue one too.  Seriously, so cute!

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