Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preschool Feasts, Our day of Thanks, and a cousin sleepover!

Last Wednesday, Lila's Preschool had a little "Feast with a Parent".
I tell ya... you would never think a little macaroni in a styrofoam cup could be so sweet!
They did a few of their usual activities, sang their prayers, then showed us parents to our seats.
They had colored us placemats, and then (with help from their teachers), they served us our Feast!
It melted my heart!

We also made a little Turkey magnet to put on the fridge!
Ryan celebrated Turkey Day in Wisconsin with his Dad, Grandma, and extended family.
I spent the day with my Mom and family and although we missed each other, it was nice that we each got to see our families.

The day was nice, the girls did well, and I was reminded of all the things I have to be Thankful for!
(My mom does a wonderful job hosting, everything looked So Pretty!)

Black Friday was spent with me at work, then rounding up my nephews for a weekend of kid-crazy chaos!
As Ryan was still in Wisconsin, it was just me and the 4 rugrats until Saturday night!  
While I feel I managed fairly well, and all the kids has fun, and we remained without major injury...
I'm confident in my choice to NOT have 4 children!
Pizza, Pancakes, Bounce Houses, Playgrounds, and Play-Doh... there wasn't a dull moment!

Sunday, Ryan took the boys home and my Dad came for a nice visit!
We had a good lunch and got some work done in the garage. (THANK YOU DAD!)

We're off to visit the Big Guy in Red today and then it's BASEMENT COMPLETION MODE
until it's finished!
I can't wait to show a few pictures... it's going to look Great!

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