Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday and Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend Ryan and I celebrated a combination of our birthdays and our anniversary by spending the whole weekend together!  
Ryan's birthday was last week and mine was Friday!
Friday I spent the day with the girls.  While Lila was at preschool, E and I hung out and to kill some time, stopped into this pet store in Shakopee.  
This is what I decided I wanted for my Birthday present.
No.  I didn't take her home.  I figured 3 dogs might be a little much.  But isn't she just the prettiest little thing?!

 When Daddy got home from work, the girls gave me their present!
Isn't that sweet?!

I also got my anniversary gift from Ry
Gorgeous huh? And to add some extra love, he had it engraved on the inside with our names and wedding date!  What a guy!

And because I think it's awesome, this is what I got Ry for his Birthday!
Citizen Eco-Drive. Pretty nifty!

We all then piled in the car, and met up with Ryan's parents for a fancy-pants dinner.
At Chili's no less ;)
I was hoping for a nice family photo, but after sitting relatively still in a 
restaraunt and then having a brownie with ice cream in front of you, well... it's hard to concentrate! Ha!  Whatever.  I'll take it!

Lila and Ellie barely cast a glance our way as they loaded up in Grandma and Grandpa's car and took off.  
Ryan and I caught a movie (The Bourne Legacy), and a couple drinks on our way home. 
A full nights sleep and waking up on our own time... wow! So nice!!

Saturday we had made plans to go on the Minneapolis Riverwalk Tour!
We were graced with gorgeous weather and the whole trip was really fun.  We learned some history of the city and stopped at a few places to sample their food. 
 If you have any inclination to spend some time in Minneapolis, I highly recommend this!
I took about a million photos from the walk, but here's a few.  (or a lot.)
Click on the panoramic pics and you can see them full size.  They're really neat!
I thought the ghost images on the sides of the Guthrie were really cool!
The elevator at the Guthrie is the longest I've ever been on.  This was taken about half way up!
and this was taken on the way back down!

After the walk and some time spent just wandering on our own, we decided to go check into the hotel.  Quick showers, then out again we went.
We stopped and had dinner here.

Had a few drinks and lots of laughs here.

Then back here to crash for the night!

Sunday was our anniversary and it was spent relaxing in the morning, then stopping to pick up our girlies! We did our usual Sunday stuff around the house and had a calm night at home!

All in all, a WONDERFUL weekend!

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