Monday, September 3, 2012

Work and Family

I'm at work today.
Ryan and the girls are home.

I miss them.

As a brand new, wet behind the ears, eager to get my hands dirty, nursing student,
I couldn't imagine any other place to work other than the hospital.
I went straight into Emergency Medicine, knowing even then that women's health
(primarily obstetrics) would be my focus. 
2.5 years later, I went into OB and spent the next 5 years there.
I love being a Labor nurse.
Seriously.  Love!

This summer, however,  life changed and I spent some time at home.
Just being home.
With Ryan. And Lila and Elle.
The only other time I've not worked for that long of a stretch is when I was on maternity leave,
and let's be real, maternity is no kick-back vacay! 
Not that I hated it, but the baby-toting, up all night, nursing every few hours... well, not entirely relaxing.
This time, although it was a transition, and there was still plenty of stress (of a different kind),
I actually got to enjoy being home.

Never did I see myself as a woman who would want to stay home with my kids,
but now that I'm back at work, oh ... how I miss it.  I miss them.
My hours here are substantially better than at my previous job, and I'm much closer to home...

but today, on Labor Day, my family is home without me. 
and it sucks.

My patient today is delightful, and her little girl is beautiful, but it just makes me miss my family even more!
I can't wait to be home with them, to snuggle their freshly bathed little selves into bed, and to cozy up on the couch with the hubby.

A phone snap from a few weeks ago!  Muah!  They make my day!

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