Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tea Parties and some other stuff

Lately the girls have been in to having Tea Parties.

Just about every day, they spend at least a short time downstairs playing together.
Making food, pouring tea, and having cake.


They usually hound us to come down and play with them.
"But we need to have a grown-up too!!!"

We don't always oblige, but once in awhile it's really fun to have a tea party!

And by the way... I think little girls are hard-wired to know how to make the
noise when pretending to pour a beverage.

Tea parties are great!
 The random mattress is for our guest bedroom (yet to be finished), and for some reason it has become the stage for all tea parties as of lately.

We have also enjoyed cruising the cul-de-sac on our bikes,

having carpet picnics,

and are little girls with french braids not the cutest things EVER?
So cute, right?
Oh, and Boone's cool too.

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