Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'm a lucky lady.

Yesterday morning, I left for work a crabby B*%$h.

The girls woke up early (5:20am people.)
Ryan slept.
I had to go to work on a gorgeous, fall, Saturday.

Yep.  Crabby.

My day was just fine.  Nice, even.
My patients were lovely and their babies... even lovelier!!

The best, however was yet to come.

Upon returning home last night, I walked into my house and this is what I found...

A sparkling, clean kitchen.
Freshly scrubbed couches.
Vacuumed carpet.
Mopped floors.
Clean front bathroom.
A newly installed water softener (that's a great joy in and of itself!)
A painted and prepped under-the-stairs storage area.
Two children, freshly bathed and in their PJ's, sitting quietly watching old home videos.
A handsome hubby, on our nice clean couches, listening to some quiet music, reading a book, and enjoying a beer!

SOOOO not crabby anymore!

Is my husband Awesomeness or what?!?

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  1. i think I need to trade in my husband for one like yours lol


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