Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Dance

I've posted videos from So You Think You Can Dance before.

As expected, I watched this season.
It's coming to an end, next week is the finale.

There have been some exceptional dancers and some great routines, but I've lacked having that "feeling".  That moment that gives me shivers and makes me feel like my heart might burst.

I don't call in and vote, and rarely watch the show in live mode.
(I love my DVR)
Yesterday morning I had a short time to watch most of it before I headed to work and had a 
wonderful, unexpected surprise.

This one moved me folks.

I grew up dancing.  And I loved it.
I have a dancer's heart.
But I don't have the technique, or the strength, or the relentless commitment it takes.

This particular dancer is simply phenomenal.
No other way to put it.
He's dedicated, and gifted, and beautiful, and I hope he takes the prize next week!


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