Monday, March 19, 2012

Our "little" weekend project

What a weekend!

So we figured this would be a good weekend to tackle a few small projects in the seemingly never-ending task of finishing our basement.  Just a couple little things like....

painting, building a shower, finishing electrical, and laying tile...
you know, just little stuff ;)

It was fabulous having nice weather to be able to open all the doors and windows WIDE, but man was I dying inside wanting to be out soaking up the sun.  But trimming paint and laying and grouting tile is just as much fun right?  Right?

Ryan and his Dad did a TON of work, and I'm ever grateful once again for my in-laws!  My mother-in-law came with yesterday and not only did she scour our front bathroom, but she tackled doggie poop duty!!  (I did not suggest, nor encourage either of these tasks... Barb has a mind of her own!)  Am I a lucky lady or what?!

The girls were pretty awesome through all of our work, and even though there wasn't good sleep at night (the whole house is battling colds) meltdowns were at a minimum!  

We still have a long way to go, but man... it feels awesome having so much accomplished!
Here are a "few" pictures from the weekend!
Your floors tend to get a little dusty when you've got construction going on... time to get out the Shark Mop!

Yes, I not only painted, but wired electrical outlets and helped lay tile.  Oh the fun :/
 Ellie and Lila were loving being able to spend time outside :)
Taking a break to blow bubbles with the girls!
Cousin Calli came along on Sunday and the girls had so much fun playing together!!
And here is what we accomplished this weekend...
and the shower!!!

Now, off to clean and organize and most importantly... PLAY with my babes!

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  1. W-O-W!!! Literally I said that out loud when looking at the before and after pics. I LOVE the paint choice. Bold, modern, yet still cozy. And it sets off the lighting beautifully too. The 1/2 wall and tiling look great - I'm very very impressed. Especially with the news that you did electrical wire too. I've done tile, but never messed with electricity. Ryan is a lucky lucky man!! :)


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