Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Steps

As a mother, it's a lot of mixed emotions as you watch your children grow up.
Joy over milestones and accomplishments, and sometimes a bit of sadness as this change takes place.

Last week, Lila took the very first steps to starting school.
Something simple as Early Childhood Screening had me getting all sentimental and yes, a little teary.
She was SO excited to go to school and talk with the teachers.  
When I had to stand back and watch her walk into a room with the door closing behind her... it was tough!
"Where did my baby go?"
Not that I'm suprised, but she did wonderful!  They had lots of complimentary things to say and she was on cloud 9 all day!  I even treated her to a little ice cream afterwards, and she just kept telling me
"Thank you Mommy for taking me to school today!"  My big girl!

Miss Elaina is making some big steps too!  We've been encouraging the potty chair for awhile now, and she is very aware of her bodily functions, but we have had very little success.  Until this weekend!
She's wanting to wear her undies and loves to sit on the potty and read books (and have "treats" of course!).
On Saturday, Lila suddenly announced "ELLIE WENT POTTY" and both Ryan and I sighed, assuming this meant on the floor.  Happily, we were wrong and a little party ensued in our living room!  Lots of hugs and cheering as only a family can do about something like peeing in a pot :)  It was great!  But then again, I realize how quickly the baby phase is fading away.  She is a big personality in a tiny little body, and becoming more of a little girl every day.  

I'm trying to enjoy my children.  All the parts of them.
The drama and chaos, as well as the snuggles and affection.
I know that all this will be a distant memory in the not so far off future, and I need to be grateful for the here and now!  Big steps in their lives will soon be just a day in their past, I want to cherish them all!

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