Monday, August 15, 2011


So, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a pretty big dance fan!
I grew up dancing, in an enviroment that revolved around it
(my mom owned the studio!)

8 years ago, I was told I just HAD to watch this show called
So You Think You Can Dance.
That was it!
I fell in love!
Some years have been better than others, but this year, I thought
was pretty great!
I'm very thankful for the invention of DVR, since 2 young kids and night
shift don't cooperate all that well with prime time programming.

Even though the finale of Season 8 was on Thursday,
and I did already know the winner (not a huge shock anyway)
I just finished watching the finale!
And now... I'm just a little sad that it's over :(

So.  I'm putting up a few of my favorite routines from this season
and a few of my all time favs!
Enjoy if you like... or skip right past. (you don't know what your missing!)
The flying leap she does into his arms, make my heart go crazy!
I love Twitch, so this just took it to a whole new level! So sexy!

Two of my favorite dancers!  So dang cute together!

This piece was about addiction, and I just thought it was amazing.

So wonderfully weird!

One from way back in Season 3! Fun!

This one won't allow me to embed, but it is one of the most fun, so check it out!
A little Twitch and Alex hip hop anyone?!
There are a ton more, but this is already a little crazy.


  1. SO sad it's over!!!! Was a little disapointed in the choreography this season (I miss Mia), but there were a few really great ones. LOVED the twitch and Sasha hip hop. Loved it. And the Neil and Melanie...Love.

    And that Kent and Lauren routine is one of my faves!! I could watch it over and over again. So bummed that we have to wait until next summer for it to come back!

  2. Ok, so never watched this show before, but gotta know - who won the finale??

  3. Um. Crazy? No. I love this post! I have never watched the show either but thoroughly enjoyed those clips!!! Just what I needed tonight Ana. Thank you :)


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