Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Sister Moments

It's been a long week.
Nasty, long stretch at work, 
ending in a wicked head cold.

Very little time with my kids and hubs.
I say, "No Bueno!"

I am looking forward to my weekend off.
Sleeping at night like a normal person.
Moving foward with some house projects.
Spending time with formerly mentioned kids and hubs!
I love them, and miss them.

I wanted to post these photos a week ago or so, but never got around to it.
Never in a million years did I imagine myself the mother of two little girls,
but I have to say...  
These sweet little moments that I witness more and more,
make it just that much sweeter!
Playing in the dog's water bowl... Gross, but funny.
Taking a stroll around the house

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  1. AaaaaaaaAAUGH!!! They're so cute I literally have a visceral reaction to each picture. How lucky they are that you are capturing these precious moments - those pictures will be absolute treasures to them when they're adults themsevles. And will come in handy when they want to rip each others' hair out as teens, remind how they used to get along. :)


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