Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cold Turkey

 The Nuk
The simple contraption that Ryan and I once loved,
the thing we never left home without.
Well, 16 months later,
it was becoming more of an issue than it was worth.
Needed not only at naps and nighttime, 
but in the car, around the house...
even at the fair.
She'd cry for it.  Hunt for it.  Stand by the cupboard where we kept them and scream.
So, after one particularly irritating day... Ryan and I made a decision.

Time to go.

And Elle being, lets just called her "strong-willed", 
I didn't believe there would be any "weaning her off"

That first night she cried for about 20 minutes before falling asleep.
Not too bad, right?
Well, yeah. 
She woke up at midnight-ish, and proceeded to scream obscenities at Ryan (I was at work) for denying her the company of her beloved Nuk.
He caved.
(and lets be honest... after 45 minutes of screaming and crying in the middle of the night, it's exactly what I would have done too!)
Day 2.  No Nuk all day.
20 minutes of crying before falling asleep at nap.
Went down to bed like a dream... probably because she was wore out from throwing a tantrum in the shower.
Slept all night!!!
Day 3 (Today)
No Nuk today.  Nap was a little rougher, and she diddled around for 45 minutes before finally falling asleep.
We'll see how it goes for Ryan tonight, since I'm back at work.
Pray for him!

Good bye old friend(s)!
This is probably only half of them... she's got em' stashed I tell ya!

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