Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What's better than a couple of diaper boxes and an old receiving blanket taped together?

A couple of cute kiddos to play in it!

This make-shift "fort" has been a great source of fun for my babes,
and even though it looks pretty awful on my porch, 
their smiles make up for it!

Toys? Nah... just a few boxes!  Love it!
Before the "fort" was created

* Kaiya had her chest closed on Sunday, and her breathing tube was removed yesterday!  She seems to be holding her own and really showing us all how strong she is!  I'm hoping to go see this special little baby sometime tomorrow if all continues to go well!  Keep the prayers coming... they seem to be working!*

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  1. Boxes are ALWAYS a hit!! A sure thing, paying $40 for a good box. Nevermind what's inside it. :)

    Thanks for the updates on Kaiya within your blog. I really appreciate hearing how she's doing, and reminding me to hold them close when I get too caught up in my own life. Thank you!!


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