Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This weather Sucks, I'm outta here!

Seriously, Mother Nature needs to get a clue.
I'm typically a pretty patient Minnesotan.  I fully understand blizzards in March, 
and freezing cold at Easter....but for crying out loud...

Thankfully, Ryan and I are headed out on Thursday morning.
5 Days
No work
No kids
No dogs
(yes, I realize you're all jealous)
and THIS is the kind of weather I'll be enjoying!
Thursday May 05 Partly Cloudy 84°/68° 0 %
Friday May 06 Mostly Sunny 84°/71° 10 %
 Saturday May 07 Partly Cloudy 85°/74° 10 %
 Sunday May 08 Partly Cloudy 85°/75° 0 %
Monday May 09 Partly Cloudy 86°/75° 10 %
 Tuesday May 10 Scattered T-Storms 87°/77° 40 %

Sigh....  this will be delightful!

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  1. I was just saying to Jason before we hit the sack that this does suck. 37 on May 2nd. I wish I was outta here too. VERY jealous! Enjoy your trip!!!!! May Reese and I hide in your suitcase? :) I think I want to move actually. I hope this doesn't mean a cold summer.


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