Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Florida Vacay!

Ryan and I got home last night after spending a wonderful 5 days
in sunny Florida!  We did some "tourist-y" stuff the first few days, 
then spent the last 2 taking in the ocean view and sitting on our butts!
There was a lot of fun things to do, good food, plentiful cocktails, great
company, and some gorgeous views!  What's not to love?

It was Fabulous!
I took about a million and a half pictures, but here is a "sampling" I liked!

This was our view the first night in Orlando!
Dorks at SeaWorld!
The Manta:  yes, we rode it, and yes... it was AWESOME!
Some of the gorgeous scenery at Discovery Cove

The dolphins showing off for us!
A very enjoyable part of the trip!
Um yeah.... I sat in a pool with these guys... they're slimy :(
Sunset on last night there - St Pete's Beach

And this could have been the best view of all....
Oh, how I missed them!!!!

(more trip pics to come later, but I have a mountain of laundry to tackle!)

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