Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial weekend get-together

Although the weekend weather was not near as fantastic as one might hope, we still managed to enjoy
it.  We got together with some friends on Sunday afternoon/evening, all of whom have
children around the same age.  It was fun seeing all the kiddos interact and play!  Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and swing-sets.
Hot dogs, juice boxes, and freezies!  Every kids dream!  Then throw in some sparklers... you've got yourself a hit!
gotta love the Bubble Mower!
not all looking, but at least all sitting!
getting sleepy... time to say Good-bye~

Yesterday, we ended up spending a chill-out day at home! Once the weather cleared up some, the girls and I spent a little time at the neighbors, letting the kids play in their little pool.  It was a relaxed day, and a great way to end a long weekend.  We did however, miss someone special.  My Mom.  It was her birthday and for various reasons, it just didn't work out to meet up.  But we chatted on the phone, and sent our love!
Mom, Happy Birthday, I hope it was a great one! (most relaxing in 40 years, I'll bet!)

Lastly, one more Birthday wish today to Ryan's sister Kim!  Kimmy, we love you and hope you are having an awesome day!  Lots of love from the Volovsek clan of BP!

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