Thursday, April 21, 2011

A year ago today....

I fell in love.

After an amazing birth, a beautiful baby was placed in my arms and I fell in love.

The simple fact that a year has gone by since I met this precious little girl, 
it's just too much.  Too fast.

Today, the birthday girl and I spent the whole day together.
We went to the Como conservatory and enjoyed a small taste of spring weather.
I made her a cake that I later enjoyed watching her smash!
She got her very own baby doll that she is already possessive of.
Not too shabby huh?

I'll admit that tonight before I put her to bed, I cried a little.
A few tears for the past year that went by way faster than I was prepared for.
For the baby in my arms that is less baby and more little girl each day.
Then I kissed her sweet head, put her in her crib, and took a deep breath.

Here's to the next great year of a beautiful life!

Happiest of Birthdays Elaina Grace!
All our love,
 Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister Lila 


  1. Happy birthday beautiful girl!

  2. I was there and I loved every minute of it! And her Mommy was and is tough as nails! Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl! xoxo Gina


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