Monday, April 11, 2011


We had a good weekend!
It was so, SO good to be home with my loves!  
I feel like spring is really here, FINALLY!  My yard is greener by the day and I even really enjoy the rain that washes away all the remaining winter yuck! (Now, I just need to replace my busted lilacs and I'll be happy!)

I had a lot of fun watching my girls play, and playing with them!
Lila is starting that "but it's MINE" phase, so the whole sharing concept needs some work, but overall, the girls get along pretty well.  And they really do love each other.  It makes me happy!

Swim lessons this evening, then off to work for me!
Happy Monday to ya'll!
Lila's flash cards
playing with "baby"
climbing in a basket of laundry... so fun!
a big empty box... nothing better~
Sisters love each other!

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