Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairytale kind of day!

Today has been a good day.
No, make that a GREAT day!

I started April 29th by helping my patient deliver her third baby.
And not in my usual, stand to the side, coach-like, nurse-y way.
I actually delivered the baby!
Seeing as the patient only allowed about 8 minutes from door to delivery, our poor
in-house Dr. didn't have time to make it.
This put me in the receiving position, and I was blessed to place a beautiful, healthy,
baby boy into his mother's arms!
What a way to start!

Today's weather has been Gorgeous!
What Spring is supposed to be all about!
Sun shining, birds singing, color coming back to the world!
I love seeing the green grass, and the buds on my trees and my lone lilac bush!
Oh to drive home with my window down, so SO great!

And what really put me into this euphoric mood... the wedding!
You know?
The one that has been mentioned a time or two in the media?!

The Royal Wedding!
I really had only slight interest in this whole event, something I thought I would watch
a bit of, just because it was history.
But then it sucked me in!
Seriously, I felt happy, and joyful, and just a touch giddy as I watched the event unfold!
I'll admit to tearing up twice.
It was beautiful!
And happy!
And joyful!
And very, Very, Royal!

I loved it!

A great day indeed!

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  1. sounds like a great day! How exciting to deliver a baby......awesome!! Love you!


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