Friday, April 1, 2011

No joke... it's a sad day :(

April 1, 2010
1 year ago today.
I took this picture of my budding Lilacs, the first actual flowers I got to bloom on these bushes!
So pretty, right?
Needless to say... I was SUPER excited for this year!
More gorgeous flowers, more of that wonderful smell!!

But alas, it was not to be...  such a sad day.
Here are my precious lilac bushes today.
Not really sure what happened.
Neighbor kids playing a little too rough on the snowbanks?
My dogs thinking they're pretty lucky to have such a great "stick" poking out of the snow to play with?
Or just the overwhelming weight of the crazy snow we had?
Regardless... it sucks :(

Cue me... weeping like a baby.
(okay, so not really, but I AM really really sad.)

Anyone know where I can get some new lilac bushes?

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