Monday, June 8, 2009

Who needs teeth?

It's been a tough couple of nights for Lila, meaning it's also been a tough couple of nights for me and Ry. Seriously, it's been like having a newborn again. Up every few hours, soothing a crying, unhappy baby.
Lila's top front teeth are trying to make their appearance, and they're really taking their toll. When her bottom 2 came in, we had a few cranky days, some excess drooling, the usual.... this time it's a whole new game. Fevers, diarrhea, on top of all the other stuff makes for a crabby kiddo. Let me tell you, Motrin and Tylenol are our friends!!! Poor thing, it makes me glad we don't remember that time in our lives, can't feel good to have big ol' teeth pushing through your gums, OUCH! Anyway, wish me luck tonight... up all night last night, no nap today, and work through tonight... guess we'll see how that goes, ugh.
I do have a really cute video of Lila laughing and a few good pics I'd like to share, but I'm going to go to bed the SECOND I get home, so you'll have to wait a few days. Good night to all, send any spare "soothing" vibes you have down to Belle Plaine, Ryan will probably need them just as much as Lila will! Ha! Oh the joys!

Oh, I almost forgot...
Congratulations to my DEAR friends Amy and Jim on their great news! Can't wait to meet the newest addition!!!
And Happy 2nd Birthday to my Rio! She's a big girl now, hopefully we'll try and make her a mama sometime this winter!

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