Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday

Ok, so I know I said I would be updating this over the weekend, but it was so damn GORGEOUS outside, I couldn't bear to be inside on the computer! I was absolutely THRILLED to have an entire weekend, at home, with my family, and the great summer weather only made it better!!! Friday night we had our first fire of the season and had a great time just sitting around and visiting with the neighbors! Saturday we ran errands and spent time outside in the afternoon cleaning cars. (well actually, Ryan cleaned my car, while I sat in the sun and played with Lila!) Yesterday was more of the same. We cleaned up the house and tackled some of those odds and ends projects, then enjoyed the great outdoors! It was really an amazing weekend!!
This week is going to busy, but good too! I work tonight, but then I'm off again until next Tuesday, sweet huh? We have the Volovsek family reunion this weekend in WI and I won't lie when I say I'm none too thrilled about going camping. Let alone camping with an 8 month old. I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm just not too sure about this.... That being said, we've got a little planning to do and some shopping to get done, so our evenings this week will probably be taken up by that. We do have plans to visit our friends, the Pearson's, on Thursday, which I'm very excited about. We haven't really spent any time with them in a long time!
Quick update on miss Lila... well, she's a busy little bee, let me tell you! On the go constantly! She makes me laugh when she crawls, cause all of a sudden she get these little bursts of speed, and just zooms away! Ha! She also crawls up on EVERYTHING and likes to "walk" around. We dismantled the Exersaucer and now it's a play table that she can walk around. I'm also very happy to report that "mama" is now included in her vocabulary along with "da-da". Yes, I know they don't mean anything yet, but it still melts your heart! She babbles all the time, and sometimes I swear she carries on a legitimate conversation with us! Those horrible top 2 teeth came in, so she's pretty much a happy girl again!
I know this is ridiculously long, and I want to get out and take Lila and the pups for a walk. I do have some pictures I want to share, but I have a new program "Picassa" that I'm trying to figure out, so once I do, I'll get them up! Have a great Monday!
This video is from about a week ago, I was just making some funny faces at her and as you can tell, She thought they were a riot!!! Haha!

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