Monday, September 2, 2013

Wrapping up the Summer

I'm sitting here at 2:30pm, in sweats, sweatshirt, thick socks and a cup of coffee close at hand...
Summer may give us a few more punches, but essentially... it's over.
Fall is here and to be frankly honest... I'm thrilled!

Don't get me wrong, I love the summer!  Heat, sun, lake time, tan lines...
but this summer was pretty crazy for us!
Lots and lots of fun was had, but I felt like it was so busy, that I barely had
time to relax and enjoy it.

I have had the MOST relaxing few weeks, and this weekend was the same.
Just enjoying my family as I should have all summer.
Spending time with friends and finally feeling healthy and strong again, as
I get my running shoes back on and my butt in gear!

Since I've been pretty terrible at posting for most of the summer, I'm going to
share a large, and fairly random splattering of stuff.  Just the stuff that kept
us busy this summer. 

In no particular order....

~We hit up Canterbury to watch some races with my mom and Alan, and Alex and Tony!~
Smooches for Grandma
Grandma always brings snacks! :)

 ~We swam in the pool~

~We finally went to visit our friends and their sweet little boy!~

~We played with the dogs~

~Ryan and I had a date night, which is always appreciated!~

~I took some photos of my girls on a beautiful summer evening~

 ~We found a backyard critter who wanted to say Hello~

~Ryan added a skill to his resume and became my personal stylist~

~We played at the park, and snuggled in jammies at home!~

(I know this is ridiculous long... bear with me.)

~Ryan decided the dogs had stinky breath... so he cleaned their teeth!~

~We've enjoyed Gorgeous summer sunrises~

 ~We took the girls to the zoo~
Ryan braved the butterfly garden, and the girls Loved it!
Ellie loves feeding the goats
Lila was a little less thrilled

~Cousin Calli came down (with her family) for an impromptu visit!~
I was setting up for a photo shoot and they were my demos... cute test subjects huh?

~And this first lovely long weekend in September, I've done a large
amount of relaxing and loving up my family! I got the house cleaned, and
my out-of-control closet in some sort of order.  We had friends down
yesterday (always a pleasure Anderson's!) and today has consisted of
gym, run, and a LOT of couch time!  
Getting ready to hit the gym, then run my butt home. I'm a little rusty after taking some time off... actually did ok though!
The girls came with Ryan and I to the gym and thought they'd workout a little too ;)
Total chaos!
I got to wake up to this precious sight snuggled in next to me this morning!
Lila has been practicing "her moves" and rockin her new boots all weekend!
And we had a little movie time this afternoon!

I'm always a little sad when Summer comes to a close, but as I look forward to this fall, 
complete with birthdays, anniversaries, apple picking, and all the joys
that come with my favorite time of the year... I'm feeling happy and blessed!
Busy or not, it's been a pretty great season! 

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