Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spirit Lake fun

A few weeks ago, the girls spent a fun weekend with Grandma Barb and Papa Rich 
while Mommy and Daddy ran off and had some grown up fun of their own!
We stayed at our friends cabin and met some of their friends.
The weather was fantastic and we came home seriously wiped out!

The Anderson's ~ our hosts!

Nice shades
We were having a good time!
Sarah, Adam, and sweet Madison

It would be good if I could remember exactly what we were laughing about... hmmm?
Hey baby!
These are actually my Dad's aviators... They never leave the boat, and have come in handy a time or two!

Their REAL personalities! ;)

 When we got back to the cabin after lake time, we thought it would be brilliant to
kill a couple pop cans.  Some of us were more excited about this than others.

She did great!
I didn't do too bad either.
 Sunday before heading home, we took the pontoon out for a quick cruise.  The loons
were feeling very social that morning and I got to see something I've never seen before...
Loons swimming underwater, right next to the boat! It was pretty cool!

GORGEOUS day on the water!

Rio looks so fancy.... but she's actually begging for food.

Boone was particularly interested in all the birds that kept swimming close to the boat!
Sarah, Adam... It was awesome to meet you guys! 
Kristy, Bob...  We love you!
Thanks for another fun weekend!

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