Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday and Anniversary weekend!

This weekend, Ryan and I rolled his birthday, my birthday, and our anniversary all into one and celebrated!  Nothing fancy, nothing crazy... just a little time together to enjoy each other and reflect on how much in life we are blessed with!  It was a really great weekend!

On Friday, we both had the day off and spent a lot of it, just putzing around the house and relaxing. My mom and stepdad came for a short little visit and had lunch with us at Emma Krumbees. 
That evening, we took our girls to Ryan's parents, as they generously offered to watch them for the weekend.  Ryan and I spent our evening watching the first season of The Walking Dead, and drinking wine! (I know, we're crazy like that!)  

Saturday I had an amazing sunrise to wake up to, but the rest of the day was pretty darn drizzly. We may have decided to just watch another episode or two with our morning coffee, then FINALLY got our butts up and got going.  A little lunch together, a little shopping, and downtown we went to check into our hotel.  Our amazing friends gifted us a night out in the city, and we can't thank you enough! 
We love you guys!
Gorgeous sunrise!!
Quick quiet lunch at Panera
We decided on Crave for dinner, and we're very Very happy with our entire meal! YUMMY!
(We even got a free piece of cake for all of our celebrations!)

Yummy Crunchy roll! Mmmm mmmm!

The night overall was really amazing! 

Sunday, we took our sweet time and enjoyed the quiet of a morning without kids.  Our intent had been to spend the whole day, just the two of us, but we received a text that Ryan's parents took the girls to Sever's Corn Maze, and our plans changed!  The weather was gorgeous and we thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time as a family, so we quickly packed up, showered, and hit the road!  It was a little warmer than I expected, but fun anyway!  (More on the day at the corn maze later!)

Last night it was apple crisp baking and some family movie time (Cars2).  As I wasn't with the girls on my actual birthday, we "celebrated" last night with some apple crisp and ice cream!  It was perfect!

Overall, the weekend was amazing!  It's back to work today, but another celebration tonight!

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