Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A day on the river

Last Saturday, we were blessed with a wonderfully hot day... 
A day with no other plans other than hitting the water and relaxing in the sun!

The weather was PERFECT for being on the boat, we had snacks, 
beverages, music, and good company! We all got in the water and floated
around, we fed the ducks, and enjoyed the cruise home in the early evening!
This is the first time we've been out all year, and I forget how much I really enjoy it!

Now that the girls are getting a little older, it's much easier and more fun to have them
out with us.  We can take or leave naps (although they were both passed out within
10 minutes of the car ride home), they enjoy playing in the water, and the ducks are 
always a big hit!  Elaina is still a little timid about getting in the water, but Lila?...
NOPE, she was the first one in!  Strapped on her life jacket and in the water she went! 

Such a fun day!

Swimming with Auntie!
Grandma always has peanuts to snack on!
E was a little nervous at first about getting on the water
Lila.... not so nervous!  She was all over the place!  
yeah... I'm the one not paying attention...  Oops.
Feeding the duckies!

Hi baby!
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Our little Sassafras!

I suspect that it was probably our last Hurrah of "summer" before the fall
festivities start, and we enjoyed the heck out of it!

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