Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March wrap-up

So, since I've sucked at keeping this updated
here's a photo recap of the end of March!

 ~My girls are darling, and they are becoming best buddies (when they're not worst enemies!)

~In the spirit of Easter, Lila decided to write a letter to Jesus.  She wouldn't let us see what was inside, it was special... just for Him!

~We did the traditional coloring of the Easter eggs!
 We may have lost a few.

~I love Dove chocolate! Especially the raspberry ones!

~This is what happens sometimes, when a certain little girl is supposed to be napping.
 but she's really cute, so it's hard to be upset with her ;)

~I got pretty flowers!
...and had a date night!

~And we got some super exciting news...
These two crazy kids have decided to tie the knot!  My sister and her BF, Tony, got engaged!
Tony, we are SO excited to have you be part of our crazy family!!!

... and to be continued with the expected Easter post!

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